Gilles Brisebois marked the new millennium by starting the company that proudly bears his father’s initials and continues to stand for the principles that define Gilles’ character—bring value and efficiency to every project, and be collaborative and passionate about getting the job done to his signature standards for quality and integrity.

Gilles founded LA Group after sharpening his construction and development skills as co-owner and general manager with two construction companies in the national capital region. Gilles built his first home for his neighbour. LA Group now lays claim to over 1,000 conversions from rental to freehold properties, and more than 2,500 homes and multiple mixed-use, commercial and land development projects—with larger projects and investment opportunities on the horizon.


Designer, Developer, Builder, Deal-Fixer and Deal-Maker

Gilles leads a skilled, lean, motivated and dynamic team that works shoulder-to-shoulder with financial experts, investors, architects, engineers and craftsmen to design and construct award-winning units that make quality home ownership a reality and commercial builds happen.

Renowned for his resourcefulness, distressed lenders have turned to Gilles who injects new life into failing projects. Gilles and his team wear many hats by taking on complex negotiations for financing and land use, and developing trusted relationships with a harmony of purpose—freshly minted keys in the hands of a smiling, satisfied new client.


Northern and International Consulting Expertise

Gilles is often called upon to consult and remedy construction projects that encounter difficulties to deliver restorative solutions that meet financial targets and completion timelines. Whether it is meeting the challenges of infrastructure development in Canada’s North, or rescuing construction works-in-progress in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos—marquis clients far and wide have drawn on Gilles’ design, construction, project management and mediation expertise to reverse and revive complex and challenging projects.


Award-Winning Work Ethic

Recognized for his work with the prestigious Brownstones on the Canal, Gilles is a proud recipient of the Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders’ Association (OCHBA) Marketing Award, 11 Ontario New Home Warranty Program Awards, has been distinguished as a finalist at the national and provincial levels, is an honoured recipient of heritage preservation awards, and received award-winning recognition by conservationists for mixed use infill development.

Gilles’ most memorable moments describe the birth of a new community when street lamps ignite for the first time, and hugs from new homeowners who thought that keys-in-hand were beyond their reach.


Committed to His Community

A graduate of Kemptville College, a new division of Guelph University, Gilles is a committed member of his community with current and past directorships with the Kemptville Youth Centre and the Kemptville Historical Society, while supporting various economic, trade, health care organizations and community events with positive impacts in Kemptville, Ottawa and beyond.

The father of three daughters “who are going to change the world,” Gilles has built a company and a team who describe coming to work as “leaving home to come home.”