LA Group’s management have successfully delivered projects in almost every sector of commercial real estate- retail, professional office buildings, medical/dental clinics, restaurants, high tech and industrial facilities. We have met the challenges that each of these unique endeavours has presented whether it’s regulatory, schedule, budget, materials, zoning or design constraints.

We have also combined some commercial sectors with condominium units for modern mixed-use urban planning. This is a trend that will continue as cities try to increase density to control cost of services, to reduce traffic and to bring amenities and employment closer to city dwellers.

All our commercial work has one thing in common. They use LA Group’s lean processes to particular advantage. If you have a project with any of the constraints mentioned above (and who doesn’t), please call us. To pick our brains. To find out how we work. We’re keen to learn more about your business plans. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get it done.