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An award-winning restoration in Kemptville that converted a heritage building that had been abandoned for 40 years into a mixed-use, distinctive setting for businesses and residents.

The North Grenville Historical Society said of the project:

“The land on which this house was built was once part of an extensive property owned by the Blackburn Family. In the 1880’s Jane Archibald ran a boarding house here. In 1897, Dr. G.E. Hanna bought the property and built the house next door at 216 – 218 Prescott Street.  The same year, he divided the property and sold the south half to William H. Anderson, who built this brick Queen Anne style at 220 Prescott Street.  It features a round tower on the south side and a square tower on the north, both capped with conical roofs.  Mr. Anderson was a Notary Republic, who also had his office here, which was entered from the north side.  The house stayed in the Anderson family until 1939, when William’s daughter sold the home to Urias DePencier.  It stayed in the DePencier family until 2008.  The L.A. Group have restored the house and preserved a piece of our architectural history.”

Date: February 15, 2010

Dr. David Shanahan