Oxford Village is a community that resists classification of rural or urban. It sits, nestled on 160 acres stitched to the hem of North Grenville. Almost a third of the acreage is protected natural beauty, surrounded by a managed trail system and preserved wetlands. Outdoor activities beckon at your door. Planned observation areas that respond to recreational and educational pursuits aren’t your everyday project features. Yet they’re central to Oxford Village.

There’s nothing ordinary about Oxford Village. The shops, cafes, schools, college, university, libraries, museums, hospital, community hubs, and every avenue of convenience is less than a five minute drive away. What’s perhaps more surprising is that a large percentage of affordable housing, as well as homes that are truly attainable, will represent the landscape of the community. The mixed residential flavour is designed to accommodate 398 living units that include 143 single units, 167 townhomes, and 88 multi-residential units. The diversity here reflects the neighbouring community.  

And all of this is just a short commute to the Ottawa International Airport. 

People dream about escaping the expense and hassle of the city. Not everyone realizes what an easy reality it can be. Maybe it’s time you thought about a move.

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